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Plunger Plop Rules

Anatomy of a plunger

There are two parts to a plunger – the handle and the business end, also known as the “Force Cup”.


Team Plunger assignment

One team will be “Stripes” and the other “Blanks”.


Starting a game

Starting position determined by a coin toss. Each team will pick “heads” or “tails” and the Big Kahuna will do a single coin toss that applies to all teams before each round. Winner has First Choice in First End. After That “END WINNER” Shoots First.


Game play

  • Teams keep their own score and no game shall end in a tie. (see "What happens if we end in a tie?").
  • The winning team must report the score to the Master Score Keeper.
  • Only one team will score in each end as plungers will cancel each other. Points for each “End” are determined based on the difference in points.
  • Teams MUST complete their end after the whistle.
  • If a judgment is required the "Big Kahuna" is the sole and final judge of the game.
  • Note: No custom plungers allowed (unless approved by the big Kahuna)



Plunger Position

Shot name

Points awarded

Force cup in bowl


5 points

Handle in bowl, force cup sticking out


2 points

Force cup outside of toilet, inside the ring (house)


1 point


Plungers with the force cup on or inside the ring will count as a point. Opposing plungers cancel each other. Points for each “End” are determined based on the difference in points.

Example 1

3 Stripes in Ring (House)

2 Blanks in Ring (House)

RESULT: Stripe Team Awarded ONE Point


Example 2

1 Stripe “Ringer” plus 3 Stripe “Standard” = 8 points

5 Blank “Standard” = 5 points

RESULT:  Stripes Awarded 3 pts. 

What happens if we end in a tie?

Each team will throw one Plunger and the “Force Cup” closest to Toilet wins. The winning team gains one point.


Tie Score 8 to 8

After Toss, Stripe Team closest

Final Score: Stripe 9    Blank 8


Click Click here for a downloadable copy of the rules

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